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Theophostics— Unbiblical Teaching Wedded to Mystical Experience - exposes the Unbiblical False Teachings of Ed Smith, and his Theophostics Prayer & Healing Ministry / Counseling (TPM). These Articles and Audios are by Bob DeWaay as a Warning to the Church, and to all, of the Dangers of Theophostics Prayer Counseling. On the surface Theophstics Prayer Counseling appears harmless, but it is not. These Articles & Audios will show readers why Ed Smith's Teachings do NOT line up with the Teachings of Jesus, and the Bible.

FYI To those who say TPM works: We need to remember that there are many Bible Principles in life that can & do work (for Non-Believers as well)— but the Question for a True Christian is: Are The Teachings of Ed Smith & Theophostics Prayer Counseling Ministry Biblical? Do the Teachings of TPM go Contrary to the Word of God? The Answer is YES, they are Unbiblical, and should be avoided at all costs...whether they seem to work or not.

The More Truth that is mixed with Error, the greater the Deception. Pure water mixed with even a little poison will kill you. Jesus warned us all about False Teachers— in the Scriptures.

"BEWARE of those whose FAITH is based on their own: IDEAS, FEELINGS, and what THEY THINK is right-- RATHER than on what GOD'S WORD says!" SO4J-TV

"BEWARE of those whose FAITH is based on their own: IDEAS, FEELINGS, and what THEY THINK is right-- RATHER than on what GOD'S WORD says!"  TRUST in JESUS & in GOD'S unfailing WORD!" [Matthew 7:24-27]

Fast Facts on What is Theophostic Prayer Ministry?

Theophostics Prayer Ministry (TPM) is part of the unbiblical Inner Healing Movement.*

  • Theophostics was founded by Ed Smith.
  • The name comes from the Greek theo (God) and phostic (light).
  • The TPM Basic Training Seminar Manual defines TPM as, "Intentional and focused prayer with the desired outcome of an authentic encounter with the presence of Christ, resulting in mind renewal and subsequent transformed life."
    Those in Favor of TPM believe that a person's present emotional pain is often rooted in misinterpretations (lies) embraced during life experiences. Example: If an adult, for instance, feels shame when he thinks about a sexual abuse memory, the shame is not because he was abused, but because of what he believes about the abuse. For example, he may believe the abuse made him dirty or was his fault (lies). In a TPM session, the client is encouraged to discover and expose the beliefs and emotions associated with the abuse. He is then encouraged to encounter Jesus Christ through prayer, allowing Jesus to reveal that those beliefs and emotions are falsehoods. This realization then relieves the client of the emotional disturbance associated with the abuse. - * Source: Wikipedia The Practice of Theophostics Counseling is unbiblical and very dangerous.


What is Theophostic Counseling and is it Biblical


Answer: The word “Theophostic” comes from two Greek words which mean “God” and “light.” Theophostic counseling is essentially “God bringing to light the truth.” Theophostic counseling was originally developed by Dr. Ed Smith. The primary theory behind theophostic counseling is that many issues that require counseling, such as depression and anger, are based on falsehoods that a person believes based on comments made about them by others, errant teachings, and/or bad experiences in life. The goal of Theophostic counseling is to lead a person to Jesus for healing and allow Him to reveal the truth to the suffering person. Examples of this would be a young man who believes he was at fault for his parents’ divorce, or a woman who experiences constant shame as a result of a sexual act she feels God will not forgive her of. Theophostic counseling seeks to reveal the lies and expose them to the truth that we are not responsible for the sinful actions of others and that God can and will forgive us and cleanse us of all of our sins.

Is Theophostic counseling biblical? As seen in the paragraph above, there is some truth in theophostic counseling. Many people do believe lies about painful events in their lives. These lies can cause pain, depression, and unbiblical beliefs about God, forgiveness, and salvation. Exposing these lies to truth of God’s Word and the love and grace of Jesus will bring spiritual and emotional healing. In this sense, yes, some aspects of theophostic counseling are biblically-based.

At the same time, when seeking any form of counseling, we must be wise and discerning (James 1:5). While some who practice theophostic counseling may be godly Christian men and women with a genuine love for the Lord and His Word, this cannot be said universally for all who claim to use theophostic counseling. Not every emotional problem is the result of a lie. Not every traumatic event needs to be brought up and dealt with for a person to experience the love of God and the joy of knowing Him. Some theophostic counselors delve far too deeply into the arena of unbiblical psychology, such as repressed memory therapy. As with any form of “Christian counseling,” there is a huge difference between counseling according to the teachings of the Bible and counseling using ungodly psychology while attaching Scripture references here and there.

In all areas of life, Christians must be wise and discerning when seeking counsel. We should not accept what any counselor says without first comparing it with Scripture (2 Timothy 3:16-17) and bathing it in prayer (Philippians 4:6-8). Some aspects of Theophostic Counseling can bring spiritual healing, if they are used biblically. But Theophostic counseling can be a great evil if it is detached from a solid biblical basis. Before considering Theophostic Counseling, we strongly recommend thoroughly researching the issue and thoroughly examining the counselor to see how he/she uses the Bible in his/her counseling methods.


Theophostics is Unbiblical - Articles & Audios

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