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Paul Washer's Video & Audio is a Shockingly Powerful & Biblical "No Compromise Christian" Message. Paul Washer preached this message to 5,000 Baptist Youth in 2002, in a day when the Youth are appealed to through the Shallow & Worldly means of the Lukewarm American "gospel". At one point in this 'No Compromise Christian" Sermon, the 5,000 Youth are clapping and cheering, but then Paul Washer makes a comment that changes the whole atmosphere to where you could have heard a pin drop. As you could imagine, the Preacher was never invited back. Paul Washer, you might say, is a modern day "John The Baptist" & "Keith Green" wrapped up into one - in that he preaches on— Repentance, Sin, Holiness, Judgment... of which so few ministers are Preaching about today. This is a No Compromise Christian Video & Audio Message on— Lukewarm Christianity

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QUOTE FROM PAUL WASHER IN THE "SHOCKING VIDEO": "It’s a tremendous privilege for me to be here this afternoon with you. Before we begin with any further speaking, I would also like to go to the Lord in prayer. I would ask you to pray. There is so much going on here this afternoon, so much that you don’t understand, but I’ll tell you where I’m coming from. I’ll preach as a dying man to dying men and women and youth….Let’s go to the Lord in prayer.Father . .Father, I am so small and so pitiful, Father, in so many ways. You know, Lord, You know, though dear God, should false fire be the only thing ever placed on Your altar, or could fire come down from Heaven amidst all the noise and the clamor and the activities . . . could fire come down from Heaven and these dead bones live…. Breathe on them. Grant them repentance. Grant them faith. Bring them into Your Kingdom, Lord, for Your own glory, for the sake of Your own great name, do this thing, Lord. As the brother said, let it be so, Lord, so that no man will take credit for it, so that no man will lay his hand to the ark of God and, if he did, that You would strike him down dead, Lord. Oh, God, move among us, please, because we have no other hope. We have no other hope. These children have no other hope except that You move…Amen.I stand here today.. . I’m not troubled in my heart about your self-esteem. I’m not troubled in my heart about whether or not you feel good about yourself, whether or not life is turning out like you want it to turn out, or whether or not your checkbook is balanced. There’s only one thing that gave me a sleepless night. There’s only one thing that troubled me all throughout the morning, and this is this. Within a hundred years, a great majority of people in this building will possibly be in hell. And many who even profess Jesus Christ as Lord will spend an eternity in hell…And then, when they look around at others who profess to know Christ and see those people also just as worldly as the world, and they compare themselves by themselves, nothing troubles their heart. They think, well, I’m the same as most in my youth group. I watch things I shouldn’t watch on television and laugh about the very things that God hates. I wear clothing that is sensual. I talk like the world. I walk like the world. I love the music of the world. I love so much that’s in the world, but bless God, I am a Christian… there was a time in my life when I prayed and asked Jesus Christ to come into my heart. What you need to know is that salvation is by faith and faith alone in Jesus Christ. And faith alone in Jesus Christ is preceded and followed by repentance . . a turning away from sin, a hatred for the things that God hates and a love for the things that God loves, a growing in holiness and a desire not to be like Britney Spears, not to be like the world, and not to be like the great majority of American Christians, but to be like Jesus Christ! (The audience then erupts in applause). I don’t know why you’re clapping. I’m talking about you. I didn’t come here to get amens. I didn’t come here to be applauded. I’m talking about you."

Paul Washer Preaches from Matthew 7:13-14 on the Narrow Gate

  • Matthew 7:13-14 Jesus says, "You can enter God's Kingdom ONLY through the NARROW GATE. The Highway to Hell is Broad, and its gate is WIDE for the MANYwho choose the EASY WAY. But the Gateway to Life is SMALL, and the Road is NARROW, and only a FEW ever find it."

  • Matthew 7:21-23 Jesus Warns us, "Not everyone who calls out to Me, 'Lord! Lord!' will enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Only those who actually Do the Will of My Father in Heaven will enter. "On Judgment Day MANY will say to Me 'Lord! Lord! We Prophesied, Cast out demons, and Performed many Miracles in Your Name.' But I will reply, 'I never knew you. Get away from Me, you who Break God's Laws."


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